By Jim McGraw

LEAPP Ahead is an entertaining and educational series of skill-building programs developed by Jim McGraw, a former top executive at Marion Laboratories and Chairman of the Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation. The programs are FREE and reveal effective principles of business leadership that Jim utilized throughout his career. He shares them now as his way of saying Thank You for a great career.

"Jim's presentation was perfect for students. It was such a nice mix of essential skills blended with a bird's eye view into an incredibly successful company. To top that off, it was presented by an individual who was clearly interested in each and every student in the room."

Barbara Millard
Associate Professor, Business Entrepreneurship—Johnson County Community College

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LEAPP II Now Available!

The LEAPP II Program Explores More Keys to Entrepreneurial Success. Learn more about grit, how to make good decisions, when not to act like an executive and other effective leadership skills. This free, 22-minute program builds on the skills Jim outlined in his original LEAPP Ahead presentation.

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LEAPP 2015 Speaking Schedule

Jim’s LEAPP Ahead program has been witnessed by over a thousand students, business and community leaders in recent months, with more to come. Here’s his busy agenda so far. If you know of a group that would enjoy a LEAPP Program please send us an email.

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The Three Clarities

To achieve effective leadership, the leader must share the vision of what needs to be accomplished by the organization and the role each person plays in achieving these goals. If the team doesn’t know clearly what they are trying to achieve, how will they know if they have accomplished the objective? The leader must provide: […]

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Three Types of Leadership

It is not enough to have just general leadership qualities. The real need is for the kind of leadership which can cope with various types of situations. Applying one type of leadership to all people and situations isn’t effective management.

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LEADERSHIP – The Most Important Skill

What is Leadership?

The ability to achieve the right objectives, at the right time, through people!

When leadership is present, wonderful things are achieved. Without leadership, nothing of significance occurs.

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How To Make Better Decisions

There is no job at any level where decision making is not a critical factor. We are not paid for having brains, but for using them to generate results. When making decisions, you must be disciplined.

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Balanced Decision Making

Balanced decision making offers an opportunity for greater intellectual input in the decision making process. It also provides an opportunity for greater commitment to implementing the decision once it is made. Here is how it will work for you.

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Jim's Other Projects


As a proud and grateful citizen, I have strong convictions about America and the direction we must take to leave our nation a better place for future generations. In 2009, I decided it was time to put my thoughts on paper. “Reflections” was born and since that first edition in August, 2009, I have distributed my thoughts to an increasing list of friends, colleagues, former associates, family members and others. Read the latest articles at SkillsandReflections.com.

Skills for Success

I have been blessed with a wonderful family and was lucky to have worked with and been mentored by some very talented people throughout my professional life. They encouraged me to write this book to share my reflections on the skills I consider critical for success. Learn more about the book here.

Leadership the Marion Way

Using first-hand accounts of their years with Kansas City's most renowned entrepreneur, three former executives of Marion Laboratories reveal the business practices and values that made it one of America's most admired and successful companies and how you can apply these simple and effective lessons to your business today! Learn more about the program here.

About The Program

In just one hour, this program can change your perspective and set you and your business on a course for much greater success.

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About The Skills

Increase sales, drive profits and improve your life by learning to develop the essential skills of leadership, empathy and persuasion!

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About Jim McGraw

This former Marion Laboratories executive was one of Ewing Kauffman's inner circle—overseeing the operations of one of the country's most successful companies.

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Leadership, Empathy and the Power of Persuasion is self published and available for purchase on Lulu.com.

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